Winter, It’s A Wrap (Dress)!

So looks like winter was extended in Los Angeles (which means it basically feels like spring in any other city)! And while I’m desperate to make spring clothes and take my first dive (pun intended) into sewing summer swimwear, I’m also in no rush to stop wearing these wrap dresses…


First of all, what took me so long to whip up this signature dress, ladies?! I mean, have you ever seen a bad wrap dress on anybody or any body?! I sure haven’t. So, I made two. You know, to make up for lost time.

For the red one I used a pattern (New Look 6581). It was easy-ish to follow even though I made a few adjustments to accommodate my size 4 waist and size 6 hips.


But for the burnt orange one, I freestyled this one! Since I’m on team self taught, I find sewing without a pattern easier. Weird I know, but once I see it in my head, it’s hard for me to follow instructions. Have this problem in life too. lol

I love the sleek sexiness of the red one and the slit on the burnt orange one is everything! I’ve even worn the orange one as a sweater/duster with jeans and boots.

So while I wish it was a wrap on winter, these wrap dresses are making this year’s season extension worth it! Speaking of worth it – both fabrics combined cost me less than $5 thanks to a steal of a deal in L.A.’s Fashion District…

Leaving me more cash for those spring and summer designs – whenever the seasons may come. 😉


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