The RAD Collection Is Now On Etsy!

Oh. Em. Gee. I can’t believe this is happening! I totally thought it would be at least a year before I felt comfortable selling my gems, but hey hey hey, looks like I was wrong.

Thanks to my fun and sweaty career, if there is one area of fashion I understand (and love) it is fitness fashion.

So after years of testings and reviews over at RAD Experience I designed a collection that is not only functional, but fashionable.

I bring you The RAD Collection!

This season it is all about jersey mesh. Perfect for a Super Bowl Sunday party or for a football inspired workout. Either way you’re going to want to wear the “Sporty & Mesh-y Noir” gems all the time.

A Hot RAD Mesh

Double layers for double the fun…you will never see an athletic tank like this one! $34.95

E3 E1

Pullover That Mesh Too RAD

Peekaboo backs are where it’s at! So don’t be surprised if you get a ticket for looking too RAD when you pull up in this pullover. $39.95

E7 E6

Not Mesh-ing Around

No more dislocating your shoulder when you take your sports bra off. This gem has front closure, so you will be in and out of this baby in no time! $27.95

E5 E4

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