The Jumper That Almost Made Me Jump Ship

Quit thinking about quitting!

These are words that I have to tell myself often lately. In fact I can’t even blame this negative emotion on the loss of my mother.

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve had this overwhelming feeling to quit when things get too hard.


In fact this defeatist demeanor shows up far too often. In simple tasks like finishing a project, even though the deadline is quickly approaching. Or larger tasks, like saying yes to a date even though I find the suitor charming.

I couldn’t pinpoint why I felt this way, simply because I couldn’t even call this “flight over fight” behavior by name. Until this jumper came along.


It all started with a a Pintrest board.

One day I came across a super gorgeous Emilia Wickstead jumper when scrolling through “jumper” pins. I wanted a pants version of my black romper project, however when I clicked on the link to see that it cost almost $1,500 I should of picked up on the hint that this was possibly too advanced for a newbie sewer like me.

Yet still I bought the fabric, stared at the Pinterest image for hours and eventually (more like two weeks later) managed to draft a pattern.

To say it was hard is an understatement. Quitting seemed like the only option and it was in between ripping my hair out and ripping out seams that I realized I was slowly but surely becoming a bonafide quitter.

This was the same night that I switched my Singer’s power button off so aggressively that I was certain it would never turn on again.


However when I returned to my super advanced project the following morning I decided that no matter what, or how much thread I wasted sewing pieces together incorrectly – I wasn’t going to quit.

Stop thinking about quitting Robbie, I would say over and over again.

If you can finish this jumper you can literally jump into other challenging situations and ditch this quitters life for good.

After all you weren’t raised like this.


By no means necessary was I allowed to quit as a child. But I would surely try.

In fact my greatest memory of quitting was when I literally begged my mom to let me ditch Girl Scouts at age 14. Even though I had already advanced from Daises, to Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes, I couldn’t imagine being a Senior (read a high schooler in Girl Scouts). On top of this, my troop’s leader and I didn’t really get along. So to avoid constantly being grounded for talking back to an adult I threw this plea into my “let-me-out-of-this-campfire-club-argument.”

“You’ve already come so far though Robbie,” and “you can’t always avoid challenges,” were the words my mother would shut down my, “I HATE GIRL SCOUTS” tantrums with.

However one day, I don’t know if it was out of exhaustion or what, but she gave in and let me quit.

The only requirement was that I had to replace my “all girl” hobby with another “girls only” activity. And no matter what, I was not allowed to quit.

And so before she could change her mind I turned in my community service badges for pom poms.

Yep, I became a cheerleader.


This was a shock to everyone. Including me. Because while I was an outgoing girl I was not the cheerleading type. I mean I had girly tendencies, however if I had the chance to jump a fence over jump in the air with glee because a touchdown was scored – I would chose jumping the fence.

In short, I was bit of a tomboy.

However I made the squad. And while it was hard, I stuck to the plan.

But wait for it….

The very first day of practice, right when I was greeting my new squad, I was also greeted with the squad’s new head coach – my former Girl Scout leader.

Are you kidding me?! (I’m sure I said this out loud as I tried to stop my heart from somersaulting out of my chest.)

Geez! My mom was right – you can’t always avoid difficulties.


So since I couldn’t quit, I was stuck. With a coach I didn’t like and a sport I wasn’t really good at.

My freshman year was so hard due to these two challenges, however I practiced hard, talked back less, and not only did I cheer all four years, I ended up being head cheerleader three of those four years. 

Needless to say, this memory certainly stuck with me. So as we fast forward to over 15 years later and this jumper that almost made me jump ship, I couldn’t help but recall my mother’s words when I was tempted to shut this site down.

You can’t always avoid difficulties.

Yes this jumper was super advanced, but I did it.

After all if I can go from jumping fences to head cheerleader, I can make a jumper. 

Thank you mom for the gem of not quitting in the midst of challenges. Let the sewing adventures continue…

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