Swimming In Ideas

So all sewers know that sewing swim is quite the challenge. Like sewing leggings. Well, good thing I started with the leggings, so once summer made her debut, I was ready to take a go at swimwear.

I loaded up on fabric while I was in New York last, and had the right thread (Wooly Nylon) but didn’t know much about the final necessary notion – elastic. But thank goodness for Google! I discovered that rubber elastic is the best to withstand the chlorine and water, and the best place to buy it is on Etsy.

So once I gathered all my material I made the easiest cut possible – a string bikini!


Which always makes me laugh. See, when I was six years old I asked my Mom if I could get a string bikini for summer camp. She literally laughed and wondered how I even knew what a string bikini was.

Of course she said no. It was too sexy and I was too young. But here’s the deal, then and now, I don’t associate a string bikini with being sexy. Yes, it is very revealing, but for a girl who moves around a lot – I’ve always seen them as freeing. That, and I have looked the same since I was 10. I developed really fast, stopped, and my voice has always been raspy. So long story short, I’ve unfortunately been called sexy more times than I’m comfortable with.


So yeah, sexy or not. I love how free I feel in this string bikini as a woman and a sewer. There will definitely be more to come. My zip code requires it!

P.S. Does this material look familiar? Here’s a hint.

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