Off The Shoulder. On Trend.

Better late than never. That’s what I told myself when I stepped out in this summer project on the first day of fall. In my head I totally thought I would bang out tons of summer dresses. I mean, sleeveless projects are so easy to pump out…at least that’s what I told myself all winter.


Well, I am so sad to say, that I made none of those summer dresses and now that the temperatures have dropped I need to force my imagination into the “sleeved” sewing world.

And I will, soon. I promise. But first I am going to take a few twirls around the block in my “on trend” #OTS dresses.

Yes, plural.

I mean this is obviously becoming a “trend” for me – making the same project in many different colors. And fabrics.


I love how this black material moves and I love that I was actually able to fit into this magenta version.

Seriously, I let out the biggest exhale when I tried it on. See, I made the magenta dress first and noticed my measurements were a bit off. So after accepting the fact that it may be at OTS crop top instead, I started on the black one. You know, as a back up plan.

Well turns out the magenta material had a little more stretch that expected. So pow! Two dresses, two different fits, same pattern.


Fabric is cool like that. And I appreciate the lessons that this project provided.

Like always, I try and hear my mother’s voice under the hum of my Singer, and this time the lesson was be flexible Robbie.


I totally needed this simple reminder as the seasons change simply because I am at a crossroads in my other passion RAD Experience. Also doubled as my career, I have been struggling to find the balance between RAD business and RAD pleasure. My creative mind always feels at odds with my entrepreneur mind and when the tension gets to be too much (as in this entire summer) I end up just tabling everything all together.

In short, I basically took the summer off.


It felt like I was going through the motions most days, so taking the time off showed me the RAD power in “doing nothing until you feel something.”

This is major growth for me and I’m glad I was able to walk away from “being busy for busy’s sake.”

It is amazing how the power of stillness makes us more flexible overall.

My mother was really good at embodying this duality.


So while these dresses started in one season, made their debut in the next and will probably be worn for seasons to come I am at peace with this same journey in my career.

Seasons change. So should we…

So like that magenta fabric, I trust that everything will not only work out in the end, but will fit just right.  And like the black dress, I understand that back up plans are sometimes a good idea.

Thanks OTS dresses for showing me the beauty in taking it one day, one design and one season at a time.


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