My Under $20 NYC Uniform. Thanks Black Friday.

When I was growing up I wasn’t allowed to wear black. My mom thought it made little girls look too grown up, so most of my childhood gear was bright and full of color.

The opposite however is true now that I’m an adult.


Couple that with the fact that I’ve lived in New York city for almost seven years. Basically you can count on me to wear all black most days.

I love the sleekness and edginess of a noir wardrobe – or as we call it in the city – our uniform. So when I was with my brother and his family in New Jersey on Thanksgiving I had to hit up Jo-Ann’s. It was the only Black Friday shopping I did, and not only did I leave out with enough fabric to hold me through the winter, majority of it was black. Ha! The irony.

So here you go…my updated all black DIY New York city uniform.

Keeping It Cute With Culottes & Cutouts 


Well since I absolutely had to stop wearing my last culotte jumper (for a bit), I figured adding another to the rotation only made sense. Plus, this New York weather has been unusually mild. So yeah, bring on the slightly seasonally inappropriate cutouts!


Wearing this as much as possible with high hopes of a reintroduction come spring. Oh and the material was such a steal at $3/yard. It took me 2 1/2 yards, so yay to this under $10 cutie!


Styling With MimiG Style


When I started this sewing journey one of the first DIY bloggers I came across was MimiG. I love her videos and her energy is too cute for words. So I used her DIY Dropped Shoulder Dress tutorial for this sexy shift dress. First project using a pattern P.S.!


The remainder of the fabric from that culotte jumper (2 yards or so) was perfect, and it literally took less than an hour. Hello fast sewing and fierce look for $6! Winning.

Mixed Media Marvelousness


Can we just take a moment to talk about the marvelousness that is the remnants section being 75% off at Jo-Ann’s on Black Friday?! Already marked down, these scraps (think under a couple yards or less) came together in such a marvelous way!


And yep, another one hour sewing project. The textured body of this retro shift dress was only $2/yard (took 1.5 yards), and that faux leather top piece was, wait for it…75 cents (1/4 yard)!!! I mean I’m just like?!

Well there you have it! Three looks, under $20 in my favorite city color. Let’s just say I am “sew” ready to hit these streets in style now!

Thank you Black Friday for upping my New York city uniform game for the low low.

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