Living In The Gray (In L.A.)

Hi, (covers face) two years later! Time flies when you’re having fun…

Fun refashioning my life for real for real that is…living life in a space that has always been scary to me – the gray.


So, first things first – I moved back to my home state California in July of 2017. Los Angeles to be exact. This is my dream apartment in my dream city – Hollywood.

A huge leap of faith and the best decision I’ve made in a long time. A decision I made before I moved to New York almost a decade ago. My mom and I would always talk about how I would only stay on the east coast for a couple of years until finally moving back west. Close to her and closer to my dream of working as an actress in Hollywood.

However the years passed fast and right when I was ready to move back to California, so did my mom.

“Well, I guess home will have a new meaning for me now,” I thought. “I will just stay in New York forever I guess.”


The Universe yelled a big fat “no” the moment I had this thought.

I ignored it for five years.

Which was easy for the first three years since grief was the loudest voice in my life then. But then I started to get on the better side of sorrow and the “no” to New York got louder and louder. So, once it got to an all out roar and I was truly miserable, I moved.

Home. To my home state and the dream that both my mom and I always knew would be waiting for me.

I had to leave a lot of things, people, habits and thoughts behind in order to be obedient to my destiny. So I hope you forgive my absence.

I have been learning to live in the gray and have refashioned a new way of life in the process. And long story short, it is getting more and more comfortable day by day.


Speaking of comfortable, I made this gray jumpsuit using a buttery soft gray knit fabric I picked up for less than an oat milk latte (my new favorite thing) in L.A.’s Fashion District. It was my first visit after living here for almost two years, and it won’t be my last!

Shoot, I had so much fun making the jogger and crop sweatshirt that I whipped up a matching crop top tank. You know,  just to make sure this whole set is “year round” ready in this “year round” perfect weather.

Overall, it was the perfect “welcome back home” sewing project since I spend a lot of time in my dream Hollywood apartment – hosting friends, screenwriting (more on this later) and simply relaxing on my cozy couch. Which is also gray by the way. 😉

See, embracing the gray through and through over here! LOL

Thanks for your patience while I was away, boo.

So much more to share, so see you soon! I am sew excited.

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