It’s Not Easy Being Green

Well actually it is easy “sewing” green. This fabric was everything! $1 a yard. Yes, you read that right and I bought two. Splurged! lolllll

Made this shift dress first and this jumper a few weeks later!


Man, I wish I would’ve really splurged and got more yards or at least colors.

If only I could remember the name of that one out of many shops I popped into at in L.A.’s Fashion District that day?!?!

I hope my spirit remembers when I make my Tuesday Trip. Yes, I go down there almost every Tuesday. I teach a class that is too near not to.


That, and I like routines. Repeating things used to be unhealthy for me when I was younger – perfectionism, eating disorder, the list goes on. But now I find healthy ways to be repetitive.


These looks in the same fabric are an example of that and I am “sew” cool with it! I think they call these capsules in fashion?! Well, more capsules please!

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