Fascinated With Fascinators

When it comes to headgear usually you will find me in a snapback…however I changed it up this Easter.

I was invited to the Greater New York Chapter of The Links Incorporated Annual Spring Luncheon & Fashion Show, and figured a snapback would be inappropriate.

So I gladly traded in my leggings for this black and blue skirt.


I was dying to wear these blue heels that I’ve had since last spring (not pictured – oops), so I made a trip down to the fashion district here in New York and swooped up this silk material for under $20 (gasp).

I designed this off the shoulder top to pair it with, which by the way I’ll definitely be making again in every color possible this spring/summer.


And then to top it all off (pun intended) my friend Dara let me borrow this fabulous fascinator. It was such a hit that had it been mine I would’ve sold it for the highest bid offered during the luncheon. Trust me, there were several offers. Instead I said close to a hundred, “Oh thank you’s!” and had to fight the urge to wear this majestic black headpiece to teach my fitness classes on Monday.


However my favorite part about the luncheon was the fashion show! This would’ve never been the case prior to this sewing addiction I’ve recently discovered. The aha moment of empowerment happened when I was not only able to exchange business cards as a fitness expert, but was also able to add “fashion designer” to my title.

Honestly it has taken me awhile to be able to admit this new talent’s official title, but I figured any person who can whip up an outfit in three days to match a pair of shoes is indeed a fashion designer.


Overall Resurrection Sunday was more meaningful than ever this year. To think of how far I’ve come since my mommy/bestie left this earth still leaves me speechless. I never imagined I would be able to “redesign” this life without her. However I’m so grateful for this life today and the meaningfulness this holiday weekend provided.

So very grateful and completely fascinated with fascinators! 

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