Crimson Love

The first person I thought about when I started my “self taught sewing journey” was my line sister Brandi. She is the creative genius behind Sacred Heart Collections and recently married the love of her life Jeff in Dallas, TX. I had such a blast attending her wedding and knew well in advanced that I wanted to make my dress for this lovely event. However the story behind this gem dates back many years and many memories ago.

It all started in Texas in the 1980somethings.

See when I was little girl the one thing that made an appearance on my Christmas list to Santa every single year was “a sister.”

And year after year this request was denied. In fact one year I didn’t ask Santa for anything else. It was the single item on my list and there was even a line below that read: “Also open to a brother.”

But that too was not delivered. Eventually I gave up on asking and gave in to being an only child. See my mother had made it pretty clear I would be her only child early on, so once I realized that Santa and my mom had the same handwriting it made total sense as to why I never saw a sibling sitting under the tree on Christmas morning.


So when I went off to college, at Atlanta’s infamous women’s college Spelman, I embraced the sisterhood that this illustrious institution provided.

However the icing on this already sweet cake of sisterhood came when I joined the Eta Kappa chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

In the spring of 2002 the answer to my life long prayer had been answered and there I was with 34 sisters.

Our memories are infinite and the love we share is boundless which is why when many of us arrived in Dallas for Brandi’s wedding earlier this month I instantly felt lighter and at home.


Being there for each other through it all is simply what we do, and I don’t take this incredible bond for granted. Life has presented us with so much joy and despair that it’s truly incredible to have one another to go through life’s journey with.

Speaking of despair and this life’s journey, I don’t even have the vocabulary to describe how my line sisters and entire Eta Kappa sisterhood held me down when my life was bound to fall apart.

Losing my mother was my greatest fear growing up as an only child simply because I knew that once she was gone it would be just me. However I couldn’t have been more incorrect. The physical, emotional and financial support they showered upon me as I planned my mother’s service and beyond still makes my heart skip a beat. It was truly unconditional love at it’s finest.

There’s no way I would have been able to endure the several weeks it took to plan my mother’s services in Texas where she was from, Arizona where she lived and handle her estate had it not been for their support.


So when I returned home to New York heartbroken I was also comforted in knowing that I wasn’t alone. In fact a couple weeks upon my return Brandi had her first New York Fashion Week show. It was such a joyous experience during such a sorrowful time that when I decided to make my dress for her wedding two years later it only made sense to replicate the dress I wore to her NYFW show.

It served as a symbol of our sisterly love and a reminder that in this life I will never ever be alone. Thank you Santa for the no that lead to God’s yes.


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