Fannie Family

It’s a different thang when your hands can hang!

This is my life motto as I love having my hands free when I’m out and about. So yeah, fanny pack lovers, get ready to up your accessory game with a handmade and custom made Fannie. There are so many options, so here is a little backstory to these little bags that will change how you get around in a big way!


As the adventurous and sporty type I had to make the first Fannie with my fun and sweaty lifestyle in mind. The outer part of the bag is made of neoprene – yep, the material they make wetsuits with – making this bag waterproof, sweat friendly and super light weight. The lining is made of mesh, adding a durable layer for all your precious things. And lastly, I added a double zipper pull to allow accessing your possessions super easy.

Fannie Sport is a unisex fav and comes in two sizes. Wear this gem at the hips or across your body!


I really don’t think I’ll be purchasing another purse in this life now that I’ve designed Fannie Lux. Just like it sounds, this bag is made for all your hands free high fashion needs. The gray suede screams plush, the lining is made with a logo inspired signature fabric and all of the hardware is silver plated. The two compartments differentiate this Fannie from her Sport version and it comes in one size.


And of course, custom options are available – like this vegan leather black one with gunmetal hardware and a special strap. Speaking of custom, the options are limitless! The mix and matching of all the options y’all have been ordering has been so fun!

Can’t wait to help you design your Fannie gem! Order here or message me.