Fannie Family

It’s a different thang when your hands can hang!

This is my life motto as I love having my hands free when I’m out and about. So yeah, fanny pack lovers, get ready to up your accessory game with a handmade and custom made Fannie. There are so many options, so here is a little backstory to these little bags that will change how you get around in a big way!


As the adventurous and sporty type I had to make the first Fannie with my fun and sweaty lifestyle in mind. The outer part of the bag is made of neoprene – yep, the material they make wetsuits with – making this bag waterproof, sweat friendly and super light weight. The lining is made of mesh, adding a durable layer for all your precious things. And lastly, I added a double zipper pull to allow accessing your possessions super easy.

Fannie Sport is a unisex fav and comes in two sizes. Wear this gem at the hips or across your body!


I really don’t think I’ll be purchasing another purse in this life now that I’ve designed Fannie Lux. Just like it sounds, this bag is made for all your hands free high fashion needs. The gray suede screams plush, the lining is made with a logo inspired signature fabric and all of the hardware is silver plated. The two compartments differentiate this Fannie from her Sport version and it comes in one size.


And of course, custom options are available – like this vegan leather black one with gunmetal hardware and a special strap. Speaking of custom, the options are limitless! The mix and matching of all the options y’all have been ordering has been so fun!

Can’t wait to help you design your Fannie gem! Order here or message me.

The Journey of Wellness

The Wellness Collection is complete! I launched little by little because I wanted it to evolve like a wellness journey – slowly but surely. After 15+ years in the fitness industry I have grown to appreciate the cycles of wellness both personally and professionally. I wasn’t always kind to my body. I was consumed with an eating disorder in my teens and twenties, did the hard work of healing in my early thirties and feel like I’ve reached a point of balance and peace with wellness in my late thirties. It’s a journey and this collection represents just that!

There is a time and season for everything.

First up, to represent the top of the year, the commitment to new wellness goals and the surge of excitement that comes with it is RECHARGE.

Everything about this royal blue color is vibrant, powerful and full of energy. I started with the staples (and my favs in fitness fashion) – a high waist full length legging and fashionable yet functional sports bra with full support. After years of covering fitness fashion as an editor, I am so pleased with the fit of the Morgan Legging. Coupled with the Tyler Bra, a bra that that can be worn as the front as the back or the back as the front, makes this combo a great starter set!

Next, to represent the necessary and often skipped element of rest, consistent recommitment to the the journey and the peace of it all is RESTORE.

Rest is part of the program, part of the journey and part of life. As soon as I started to embrace this key element my entire wellness journey changed. So to help assist my yoga days I chose this calming and beautiful mauve purple. The Emerson Biker Short is high waist and comes in a 9 inch inseam, however can be cut shorter if desired. I love them with the Skyler Bra – a top that cinches at the center front for a bust flattering yet supportive design.

In every journey there will be plateaus, road blocks and challenges. The gems to represent the level of dedication needed to endure is REBUILD.

Olive green feels like nature and has a grounding element that reminds me to build my wellness journey on a foundation that is sure and solid. Keeping my goals honest and rooted in sanity over vanity, joy over suffering and opportunity over torture. It’s an honor to have a body that works so I love to hike and honor the foundation of my journey in the Faye Bra – named after my mother Georgia Faye. Thinking of her always grounds me and it is no coincidence that this is the most popular gem in my collection. It looks so great with the Collins Biker Short and it’s flattering overlapping waistband.

And finally, the moment in the journey that completes and restarts the cycle anew with transformed and renewed energy is RECONNECT.

The “why” is everything. A goal becomes a success when you keep the why in the forefront. So as a reminder to reconnect to this I designed this regal and powerful set in burgundy. It feels both strong and elegant at the same time, a duo I love in both fitness and fashion. The Zion Legging and it’s waist flattering waistband makes them perfect for a workout and a night out, and the Noah Bra is modest in the front and sexy in the back. The duality represented in this set is true perfection.

I love this collection and hope you do to! Can’t wait to see how you style these gems as they pair well together.

Each design can be can be made in any of the four colors. Don’t see a color you like? Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation to find the gem color, cut and other customizations just for you. And lastly, the mask is on me with all orders over $75!

Happy wellness to you. To us. XOXO, Robbie

2021, Let’s Crush It

I love setting goals and don’t always need a new year to do it. However after all the lifestyle and career changes in 2020 I thought I would change things up and not do an annual vision board like I normally do. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that things can change fast so taking it one day at a time is key. Plus, since I spend majority of my time in my space both working and living I thought a DIY home project was in order to remind me of my commitment to take goal setting month by month this year.

Here’s the fun part – I had this random piece of wood leftover from my furniture set so I decided to pull it out from under my bed and add this chalkboard contact paper to make a decorative vision board that I will update monthly. The paint chalk markers are so pretty in this white, silver and gold set that I honestly can’t wait until February 1st to wipe the slate clean and make another board for my visions.

I am determined to crush all my business and personal goals this year and one (not shown on my board) is to blog more about the gems that I am designing. With a lot of them also now for sell I don’t want to lose the passion behind the fashion. Sewing has refashioned my life after the loss of my mother so here is the inspiration and correlation behind crushing my 2021 goals and these (made in 2020) crushed velvet gems.

Pre Covid I was miserable with my work. I am an actor by trade and haven’t booked a job in almost two years. My side hustle of teaching group fitness classes became my main hustle in order to make ends meet. And while I love fitness and working under my brand RAD Experience, working for a company at such a high level was not my jam. Then Covid happened. The gym closed down. Hollywood too. And the world I had been dreaming about opened up – working for myself on my terms.

Working for myself is not easy, but it is my preferred career path.

So while 2020 was challenging, it was one of the best years of my life.

I am so grateful it forced me into this way of life. I sew most days, create everyday and still work in fitness – under RAD Experience only. All in my studio apartment. So since it is just me, I sometimes wear my gems while I work. Like this black crushed velvet bodysuit. I used the fabric leftover from my last holiday party jumper that I made for said fitness company. My 10th holiday party with the company, second city that I worked for them in and my last holiday party with them. This jumper will always remind me of the life that I lived before Covid. So while I have so many goals to crush this year, I look forward to wearing this gem again. Maybe as a date to someone else’s company party (go on more dates – also one of my 2021 goals). I’ll keep you posted! In the meantime I’ll just be frolicking around my studio working, living and loving this newfound life.

Endless Summer. Because, L.A.

Summer, can we have a do-over?

My favorite season was rough, so living in a city that feels like an endless summer is such a blessing. Because, while seasons change and circumstances do too, I am grateful for the constants in my life.


My faith being the main constant. I don’t know what I would do without God.

Summer proved this truth yet again.


I made this one piece months ago and when I was looking through photos of “gems that I haven’t shared yet,” this one stuck out.

The color blue can have so many meanings, but I am choosing the optimistic meaning – peace.


Some seasons are high, some are low. This is life. So summer, I know we can’t have an actual do-over. And that’s okay. My constant is all the peace I need…no matter what each season may bring.


I pray reading this brings you the same peace this gem has brought me. Keep on keeping on!