Back To The Basics. One Dress, Three Ways.

Ahhhhh don’t hate me! I know I went ghost for awhile, but I’m back yall. As in “back to the basics.” Selling on my Etsy shop in addition to running my RAD fit business had a girl a bit overwhelmed.

So I decided to take it back to the basics and focus on “why” I started this hobby and blog in the first place – to refashion my life after the loss of my mother. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a blast making custom Georgia’s Gems for you all on Etsy, however I would rather focus on learning new sewing skills and creating a “new normal” post the loss of my mother.

I’ve been through two sergers (oh my) since I checked in with you last! Which means I’ve made quite a few gems (don’t worry I’m going to post them all in the next few weeks). However the gem that I’ve made the most (three times to be exact) is this “athleisure” inspired racerback dress.


Each one I whipped up in under a hour and literally a hour before a date (that wasn’t planned, but hey). Which is ironic since one of the many things that’s been hard without my mom is dating.

Before she passed I was just getting back in the dating game after a two year long relationship ended. However after her unexpected death in 2013 I really haven’t dated the same. I definitely date a lot (another post for another day). But if we are talking quality over quantity then it is safe to say I’ve been “hanging out a lot.” So while these three basic dresses were made before dates, I’ve decided to go back to the basics and date with a purpose again. What this means exactly I’m figuring out day by day, however I can say that the reality of not being able to call my mom after every good or bad date to have the “girl talks” that only a mother and daughter can have is tough.


But I’m confident that by hearing my own voice within this “new normal” I will be able to hear hers…

So right now my voice is telling me…sew for fun (sorry no new Etsy pieces coming anytime soon) and don’t focus on the “one” (no more making dresses the hour before a date – although the thrill and the skill is pretty cool). I’m going back to the basics yall, which means more posts coming soon….


In the meantime here’s a glimpse at the “basic dress” I’ve made three times now:

Shades Of Gray

I got this material during my JoAnn’s round up in November and have worn it many times at many different sizes. When I first made it it was a bit looser, but since I didn’t preshrink the material before sewing this gem shrunk after the first wash. However the good news is that I’ve lost weight this year. So yay, I can finally wear this comfy gem again!


Another Black LBD

I know I know, I really have an all black problem. Blame it on my NYC address. But since I got this black spandex material for a steal on Etsy (and it’s UPF 50) I absolutely needed to make my favorite pattern in my favorite color for the summer. Definitely preshrunk this fabric and definitely wear this dress at least once a week! P.S. This was the last make on my first serger before my mother’s sister gave me hers! It’s from the 80’s and so am I (hehe) so my Singer Merrittlock 14u44 and I are having a blast. Look how cute she is…


P.S.S. That’s my mother Georgia in the photo on the right.


Big REDesign 

So I’m not sure what was going on when I made this dress in red because somehow my measurements were off by a few inches around the neckline. Basically I couldn’t get it over my head. I could’ve totally added a back zipper (maybe the fourth time I make this dress I will lol) but since I didn’t have one on hand and we all know this was a pre-date make, I had to get creative quick! So I slit open the back, added ties on each side and boom my design was REDesigned just like that! Honestly I felt like I was on Project Runway or something.


Overall these gems have been such a treat to make. Not only cause they were easy to make, but because they reminded me of how wonderful “basic” things and beautiful simple moments can be. I am “sew” excited to learn more skills and share more gems with you….thanks for your patience during my absence! Talk soon.



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