A Wild Little Hack

I had this project in my head for literally weeks. I really wanted to perfect a basic bodice sloper and felt like since I’ve made a short romper before, the bottom would be the easy part. Plus I wanted to add lining since this wild print fabric was super thin.


Well, this basic bodice basically took forever. Like two weeks off and on to be exact. Super tedious yes, but at least I have a basic pattern that I can tweak for future projects.


It is amazing how things that appear simple can take a long time to develop…

This has been a similar sentiment creating a new normal after the loss of my mother.

A little work, day by day pays off. Sometimes it feels frustrating but the effort is worth the outcome.

So glad I didn’t give up on this pattern, and I’m glad I haven’t given up on life too.


So yeah, it was a lot of work and the bottom was simple. Except one thing…I messed up on the crotch measurement. Ahhhhhhhh!

Just when I thought I was done and was laying out the accessories to complete my new look I tried it on only to realize that wearing this romper would make me feel like I had a never ending wedgie!

Man! Now what?!

I was so frustrated and almost threw it in my “figure this project out later” box. P.S. That bos is full! But then had a brilliant idea….lengthen the straps!


With literally one hour left before I had to cab it downtown to a party I took apart the shoulder seams, made two little straps to attach to each side and pow – this basic bodice was basically the best thing ever.

I got tons of compliments all night and am grateful for not only the resilience that this project required but for this life gem: “There’s always a better option than quitting, don’t give up!”



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