A Heavenly Refashioned Sports Bra

When I’m not sewing, 99.9% of the time I’m sweating – simply because my fun and sweaty career (RAD Experience) requires it. So I knew it wouldn’t be long before I started pumping out some sweat wicking gear on my Singer.

Fashion and function are important to me when it comes to my “work out then hang out” style, so until I’m able to hunt down some sweat friendly fabrics I’ll just be busy refashioning some of my current fitness fashion finds.

Here goes number one of what I’m sure will be hundreds.

To start I decided to go for the piece of fitness fashion that’s super special to me- sports bras. I used one of my favorites from Vimmia as my inspiration, and with the help of an old Target racerback, a running top that I got for running the Brooklyn 1/2 marathon last spring (for the lining), some elastic and a bit of lace I was able to produce this gem.


So why a sports bra? Well unlike my mother, I’m not well endowed up top. Therefore finding the perfect sports bra is not a hard feat at all. The opposite was true for my mother. As far as I can remember I always wondered, “when will my boobs grow as big as my mom’s.” Ha! I was obsessed with my twins being “large and in charge” and my mom found this fascination very funny. Usually she would reply to my silly wishes with, “You have no idea how much trouble these juggers cause!”

Speaking of trouble, in 2008 my boob obsession transformed into devastation when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This news certainly rocked our entire family since there was no history of the disease in our family, however my mom wasn’t as affected by the news as we all were. In fact when she told me about her diagnosis (weeks after she found out) she jokingly said, “Now I can finally get that breast reduction I’ve always wanted.”

Having a perky set, not having to wear bras unless she wanted to and being able to buy the pretty ones they sold in stores (not online in the “special sizes” section) was something we talked about a lot that Thanksgiving morning in 2013 when she had a double mastectomy and reconstruction. She was so calm that day and I was so thankful for this one thing – cancer was on it’s way out of my mother’s body.


My mom beat cancer. That time. However when it came back in her bones in 2013 (metastatic breast cancer) we all prayed that the outcome would be the same. But despite our prayers, nine months later, cancer had it’s way and my mom was gone.


I truly believe there will be a cure and therefore I refuse to complain about my bra size any more. Instead I choose to be grateful for the healthy breasts I do have. In fact whenever I see pretty bras I think of my mother’s joy and attitude about her new post-breast-cancer-diagnosis-breasts. Her positivity in the middle of a travesty is something I will never forget.

So here is a pretty little bra I refashioned in honor of my mother’s spirit. While I thought of doing a pink one for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I decided to go with blue since it represents faith, truth, and the place where my mother now lives – heaven.


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