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Crimson Love

The first person I thought about when I started my “self taught sewing journey” was my line sister Brandi. She is the creative genius behind Sacred Heart Collections and recently married the love of her life Jeff in Dallas, TX.…

DIY Fashion

Keeping It Cool In Culottes

If someone asked you what your favorite outfit as a child was do you think you could remember? I sure could. In fact there are a dozen photos of my fifth year here on earth wearing in it. Exhibit…

DIY Fashion

The Jumper That Almost Made Me Jump Ship

Quit thinking about quitting! These are words that I have to tell myself often lately. In fact I can’t even blame this negative emotion on the loss of my mother. I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve…

DIY Fashion

See The Art, Become The Art

As long as I can remember I’ve been a creative person. From coloring in as many coloring books I could get my little hands on to designing my own business cards when I babysat as a teenager – being creative…


A Heavenly Refashioned Sports Bra

When I’m not sewing, 99.9% of the time I’m sweating – simply because my fun and sweaty career (RAD Experience) requires it. So I knew it wouldn’t be long before I started pumping out some sweat wicking gear on my Singer.…

DIY Fashion

Life Is A Celebration

Crazy how the one month of the year that was my absolute favorite is now the one that is filled with fear and sadness. For as long as I can remember July was simply the best 31 days one could…

DIY Fashion

Romping Around, And Around

If sewing has taught me one thing thus far it is this: I am super impatient. Still. When it comes to fashion I am all about the final walk down the runway. I hate shopping, simply because I don’t…

DIY Fashion

Refashioning My Life After Loss

“I honestly don’t think I can stop drinking…” These are the words that I told my therapist on July 16th 2015. It was the day after my second birthday without my mother and to say I was hungover would…