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  • 2016a
    DIY Fashion

    Dear 2016…

    Well hello there 2016! I am so excited to meet you and experience all that you have in store. 2014 and 2015 were both quite rough on me, but I do…

  • Holiday5
    DIY Fashion

    Holiday Haute: Count It All Joy

    Boy did I love the holidays growing up. The tree, the holiday shows on television, cinnamon rolls with my mom on Christmas morning and especially my holiday dresses. Yes, plural. My…

  • RD7
    DIY Fashion

    Crimson Love

    The first person I thought about when I started my “self taught sewing journey” was my line sister Brandi. She is the creative genius behind Sacred Heart Collections and recently married the…

  • GC6
    DIY Fashion

    Keeping It Cool In Culottes

    If someone asked you what your favorite outfit as a child was do you think you could remember? I sure could. In fact there are a dozen photos of my fifth…

  • Abstract1
    DIY Fashion

    See The Art, Become The Art

    As long as I can remember I’ve been a creative person. From coloring in as many coloring books I could get my little hands on to designing my own business cards when…

  • Denim1
    DIY Fashion

    Life Is A Celebration

    Crazy how the one month of the year that was my absolute favorite is now the one that is filled with fear and sadness. For as long as I can remember…

  • BlackRomper1
    DIY Fashion

    Romping Around, And Around

    If sewing has taught me one thing thus far it is this: I am super impatient. Still. When it comes to fashion I am all about the final walk down the…

  • GG3
    DIY Fashion

    Refashioning My Life After Loss

    “I honestly don’t think I can stop drinking…” These are the words that I told my therapist on July 16th 2015. It was the day after my second birthday without my…