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My Silver Lining: LEGGINGS

Easy to wear, not so easy to make. But I did it! Say hello to my first pair of leggings and her matchy matchy sports bra. Made this set a couple months ago, sorry. Had to alter them three times,…

DIY Fashion

Oh, Baby!

Not pregnant! Just pregnant with ideas… A few weeks ago I attended a friend’s baby shower and couldn’t bring myself to buy anything off of her registry. I mean, it was all so cute. But, I have been daydreaming about making…

DIY Fashion Pattern Reviews

Winter, It’s A Wrap (Dress)!

So looks like winter was extended in Los Angeles (which means it basically feels like spring in any other city)! And while I’m desperate to make spring clothes and take my first dive (pun intended) into sewing summer swimwear, I’m…

DIY Fashion

Living In The Gray (In L.A.)

Hi, (covers face) two years later! Time flies when you’re having fun… Fun refashioning my life for real for real that is…living life in a space that has always been scary to me – the gray. So, first things first…

DIY Fashion

From Motherless To Fearless

Has it really been three Mother’s Days without my mother? This is what I asked myself earlier this week when I realized that many of the things I have been dreaming of were coming true. I booked my first magazine feature,…

DIY Fashion

Off The Shoulder. On Trend.

Better late than never. That’s what I told myself when I stepped out in this summer project on the first day of fall. In my head I totally thought I would bang out tons of summer dresses. I mean,…

DIY Fashion

Working It Out

Sweating will always be my go to. The stress that grief tends to bring around this time of the year – the time my mother passed, can be overwhelming. So since I spend most of my time literally “working…

DIY Fashion

A Wild Little Hack

I had this project in my head for literally weeks. I really wanted to perfect a basic bodice sloper and felt like since I’ve made a short romper before, the bottom would be the easy part. Plus I wanted to…

DIY Fashion

Back To The Basics. One Dress, Three Ways.

Ahhhhh don’t hate me! I know I went ghost for awhile, but I’m back yall. As in “back to the basics.” Selling on my Etsy shop in addition to running my RAD fit business had a girl a bit…