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DIY Fashion

From Motherless To Fearless

Has it really been three Mother’s Days without my mother? This is what I asked myself earlier this week when I realized that many of the things I have been dreaming of were coming true. I booked my first magazine feature,…

DIY Fashion

Off The Shoulder. On Trend.

Better late than never. That’s what I told myself when I stepped out in this summer project on the first day of fall. In my head I totally thought I would bang out tons of summer dresses. I mean,…

DIY Fashion

Working It Out

Sweating will always be my go to. The stress that grief tends to bring around this time of the year – the time my mother passed, can be overwhelming. So since I spend most of my time literally “working…

DIY Fashion

A Wild Little Hack

I had this project in my head for literally weeks. I really wanted to perfect a basic bodice sloper and felt like since I’ve made a short romper before, the bottom would be the easy part. Plus I wanted to…

DIY Fashion

Back To The Basics. One Dress, Three Ways.

Ahhhhh don’t hate me! I know I went ghost for awhile, but I’m back yall. As in “back to the basics.” Selling on my Etsy shop in addition to running my RAD fit business had a girl a bit…

DIY Fashion

Fascinated With Fascinators

When it comes to headgear usually you will find me in a snapback…however I changed it up this Easter. I was invited to the Greater New York Chapter of The Links Incorporated Annual Spring Luncheon & Fashion Show, and figured…

DIY Fashion

Dear 2016…

Well hello there 2016! I am so excited to meet you and experience all that you have in store. 2014 and 2015 were both quite rough on me, but I do not regret those 730+ days one bit. The…